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9 Steps to Winning in Life, Business & Relationshp

Joel Scrivner truly understands the science of winning. He is a true champion & a master teacher. WINology is a Must Read for everyone that desires to WIN in everything they do.

Danny Bae

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John Cahill

President / COO at la Madeleine Country French Cafe

I have listened to many speakers, but Joel’s presentation is not only entertaining, it is deeply moving. WINology creates a journey to success that transcends everyday life events, and challenges by using a formula of easy to understand steps. Joel helped us to discover that this model is not only impactful for our business, but equally as impactful in our personal lives.

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Cyndi Miller, Miller Public Relations

It was indeed a pleasure to have Joel speak at our annual client conference. He was extraordinary and his talk was absolutely inspiring. He is a gifted motivational speaker making him a real asset to a culture change and/or business development conference. I highly recommend Joel for your organization.

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Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

Joel customized his presentation for our audience and made all of our employees feel that they have the ability to achieve their goals and their dreams.

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Dr. Brandon Knutson, Addison Pain Management

Joel single handedly changed the atmosphere of my hospital using WINology.

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Ken Bangs, DFW Painting

Joel is the quintessential winner that brings inspiration to the room like few can. He provides practical, easy to apply, action items for every step in his winning methodology. There's simply no way to lose with Joel in your corner.

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Testing Mom

I highly recommend Joel and his one of a kind WINology system. We've witnessed extraordinary growth with our employees due to the WINology training.  Joel is a driving force that has developed inspiring relationships with every employee in the company. Ever since we started implementing the WINology methodology we've seen over 35% revenue growth and increased our customer satisfaction in every category (including retention!). Joel embraces every opportunity to provide professional development to all of our staff which makes him an ideal leader. He has developed a strong rapport with our employees and has the ability to connect with our employees on a profound level. Joel’s unique talent at teaching simple and more advance topics is truly superior.  We've experienced higher employee engagement and enthusiasm with his unique system that allows everyone to grow individually and as a team. The WINology training is a win-win for both the company and every employee. This is WHY the WINology system works.

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City Gate

Joel and WINology made such a difference to our corporate team.  The information he shares is relevant for today's marketplace.  His "can do" and "WINning" attitude motivates and propels us with each session!

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Kevin Keane

Keane Landscaping Inc, President & Owner

WINology is incredible! Our sales team did $60,000 of new business in the very first hour after the very first training session! Joel set our team on fire.

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Mike Evans

#1 New York Times Best Seller

Joel will be proclaimed the best 21st Century success coach in America. His book, WINology, is a masterpiece; a road map for success in life & business. I 100% recommend it.

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Erin Botsford

Founder & CEO Botsford Financial Group - Top 100 Women

A true winner, Joel Scrivner is a living testimony to the system he has created. WINology is a strategic system that is sure to elevate your personal life, leadership team or entire business. This book will challenge, enlighten, and inspire the best in everyone who reads it.

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David Hollie

Store Team Lead Whole Foods Market

Within the pages of WINology – The Evolution of a Winner is a simple, yet challenging blueprint that will help us to move towards excellence in every area of our lives. And who better to lead us by the hand and take us through this than Joel Scrivner, who has walked these principles out through testing and trial, victory and triumph in his own life. WINology works! I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

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About The Author


It all started with a failing grade in school. Joel was already a national martial arts champion as a teen, and was accustomed to what it took to win: training, diligence, discipline and a driving determination to overcome any obstacle to be the best fighter. When presented with the prospect of failing a course he found boring, Joel realized he could apply those same tactics to “winning” a good grade. And his life changed from that moment on. Joel devised an unparalleled strategy for winning which he has applied to every aspect of his life.Joel - USA Taekwondo Team Joel-USA-Taekwondo-Team


Joel repeatedly implemented his strategy and went on to win six national martial arts championships and four world championships. He was a member of the Global Taekwondo Federation’s USA team from 1993 – 1997. He holds a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has coached thousands of others in martial arts.


Joel’s success didn’t end with martial arts. It had only just begun. Joel knew one key to his success in winning had always been his ability to accept obstacles and defeats as opportunities to try a new approach — and try again until he succeeded. Joel also knew that he couldn’t accept excellence in only one or two aspects of his life. He knew he had to strive for excellence in every aspect of his life. Joel married his college sweetheart Jennifer and enjoys a relationship of love, respect and faith in one another, which also encompasses their two daughters, Sydney and Blakely. He became a successful business owner of a commendable martial arts training program.


Joel funneled his passion for winning into a passion for helping others learn how to win in life as an inspiring pastor and as an advocate for a variety of nonprofit organizations. He has led thousands of people on a path toward personal betterment. Drawing on his innate ability to inspire and motivate others to perform with world-class excellence, Joel has become an author, leadership trainer and international motivational speaker. With a deep love for mankind, he continues to dedicate his life to sharing his knowledge to help others win in life at the highest levels, regardless of their playing field. a1


Utilizing his nearly 30 years of experience coaching, teaching and training others, Joel developed a refined, systematic approach to winning he calls WINology. Joel developed the program with one intent — to help others learn how to unleash their potential, reach the top and stay on top in every aspect of their lives. WINology’s holistic approach to winning, focusing on sustainable personal growth as well as team unity and health, yields unprecedented results in both aspiring individuals and entire organizations. What differentiates WINology from other strategies is that WINology provides practical applications which enable individuals, sales departments, leadership teams and organizations to think and behave like the winners they were meant to be in their relationships, businesses and lives.

WINology World-Class Performance is Joel Scrivner's signature system for guaranteeing top performance, increased revenues and overall elevated health of both corporations and individuals alike.

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